The Great Magazine Giveaway (Terrorizer and others)
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Author:  Ironlord [ Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  The Great Magazine Giveaway (Terrorizer and others)

I have a large amount of magazines from my younger days which I need to clear out. Yes, yes, I know, everyone uses the internet these days instead of printed media but there are some out there who still want to read old articles and/or have a sense of nostalgia for t'old days when we all had rotary-dial phones, we had dirt f'dinner and we had to pay t'mill owner to work and it were uphill getting there and uphill getting back and...

For a start I have a collection of Metal Hammer and Kerrap!, mostly from 1995-2002, with a smattering from 1994 and 2003. The Metal Hammers are a complete collection bar two issues, as far as I could be bothered to check. I admit to not even opening the Kerrap! box because those are the least likely to have any takers.

Seeing as this is the Terrorizer forums and old copies of Terrorizer are the most likely (or least unlikely) to be wanted, I've itemised them. I have the following issues:
49 - December 1997
65-72 - April 1999 - November 1999
74-92 - January 2000 - September 2001
94-97 - November 2001 - March 2002
99-103 - May 2002 - October 2002
105-132 - December 2002 - June 2005
136 - October 2005
145 - June 2006
147 - August 2006
154-155 - February 2007 - March 2007
204 - December 2010

I'm not asking for any cash for the magazines themselves, but anyone who does want any of this pile, either be prepared to be quoted for P&P, or pick them up from Nottingham.

Ideally, I need these claimed by the end of September or the local recycling plant will get a generous donation.

I have no idea how active this forum is (there are people I knew who spent far too much time on it ten years ago) but if I don't ask, I don't get. Act now, while you can.

Author:  robitusson [ Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Great Magazine Giveaway (Terrorizer and others)

Ironlord wrote:
pick them up from Nottingham.

....there are people I knew who spent far too much time on it ten years ago


Author:  Ironlord [ Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Great Magazine Giveaway (Terrorizer and others)

Seeing as I can't reply to the PM I was sent, an update: the issues of Kerrap! and Metal Hammer are long gone, but I do still have the Terrorizers. I will probably not do for much longer - the end of the year at the very latest.

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