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 Trade list - ~850 CDs (black/death/thrash/doom/etc.) 
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Post Trade list - ~850 CDs (black/death/thrash/doom/etc.)
Trade list can now be seen here :


Easier to browse.

Over 850 metal CDs, various styles. Black metal, death metal, thrash metal, power metal, etc. Even some punk/hardcore/hard rock titles for people with interests outside of metal.

Many references available upon request. I was active here a while ago under the same username (Coma), but have been inactive for some time and I guess my account got purged, so I had to create a new one. A few of you probably remember me or have seen me on other boards (Metal-Archives, NWNProd, Bravewords, etc.).

To answer the most common questions :

I'm from Canada and will trade worldwide. Many references available upon request (see above), I've been trading CDs since 1997 (the glorious newsgroups days on alt.rock-n-roll.metal!).

No, I don't run a distro or a store, this is my personal trade list. I've been a metal fan for over 20 years and I'm always into checking new bands, hence why my trade list is so huge.

Yes, I do have a want list, just read the following posts. My want list is not limited to these titles though, it's always expanding, so feel free to send yours.

Yes, I do have some LPs, but because they're such a pain in the a** to ship from Canada, I only trade CDs (well maybe tapes).

Yes, I also have older cassettes, so if you're into that analog format (ie. you have an old car with only a tape deck, you don't want to pay 35$ for a rare CD when you can have the tape for 3$, etc.), let me know and I'll try to compile a list of what I have.

Yes, I don't mind trading without jewel cases, I actually strongly encourage it as long as you can pack your CDs carefully (ie. wrap them individually in plastic or paper sleeves and isolate the discs from the inserts). It makes no sense to pay extra fees to send a plastic jewel case that will probably arrive broken and that can be replaced for less than 0.50$.

No, I don't send via registered mail overseas. Why? Canada Post has awful policies regarding registration of mail. Registering letter mail is possible, but starts at 12$, excluding the regular shipping fees. So if you're in Latvia and want to trade 2 CDs, shipping alone would cost me 17$ (5$ shipping + 12$ registration). Unless I badly want the CDs you're offering, there's no way I'm paying this. I've sent packages to countries deemed as 'unsafe' countless times (Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, China, Mexico and a few South American countries) and the only lost packages I remember all those years were sent to Poland and Cuba. I print addresses on shipping labels so they're always easy to read and impossible to mess up.

I reply to all trade offers, even if I don't see anything of interest on your list. It's just a matter of being polite and only requires a few seconds of my time - everyone should do it.

I will always let you know of alterations to a CD (hole-punches, drill-holes, saw-cuts, promo stamps, etc.) before closing the deal so that you don't end up with a bad surprise. The vast majority of discs on my trade list are regular retail editions, but a promo may appear every now and then. You will be notified is such is the case. All CDs on my trade list are guaranteed to play flawlessly as I test them all with Exact Audio Copy and dbPowerAmp (using the AccurateRip plugin) to make sure they're OK.

I try to answer as fast as I can, but don't panic if you don't get a reply from me within hours of sending your message. I work on a computer all day long, so I often take a break once I get back home. Therefore, although I usually try to answer within 24 hours, it can take 48 or 72 hours in some cases.

Yes, I sometimes read messages without answering right away. I often read PMs when I'm at work, so if you're inquiring about the condition or availability of a disc, I usually wait until I am back home before writing a reply.

Enough reading, let's trade!

Trade list:

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Post Re: Trade list - ~700 CDs (black/death/thrash/doom/etc.)

Last updated : 2012/09/04

# means that I should get those CDs soon.

A.R.G. (FIN) - Entrance (Spinefarm 2012)
Abandoned (DEU) - Forcefed (Indie 2000)
Accuser (DEU) - Agitation (Red Shift 2010)
Accuser (DEU) - Dependent Domination (Red Shift 2011)
Acid Drinkers (POL) - Fishdick Zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again (Mystic 2010)
Acid Storm (BRA) - Why? ... Dirty War (Marquee 2011)
Aftermath (USA) - 25 Years of Chaos (box, Area Death Productions 2011)
Alvacast (URY) - Black Testament (Perro Andaluz 1999)
Amorphis (FIN) - Skyforger (Nuclear Blast 2009)
Amorphis (FIN) - The Beginning of Times (Nuclear Blast 2011)
Annihilator (CAN) - Double Live Annihilation (AFM 2003)
Annihilator (CAN) - Live at Masters of Rock (SPV 2009)
Anthrax (USA) - Worship Music (Nuclear Blast edition only, 2011)
#Arch Enemy (SWE) - Tyrants of The Rising Sun (Century Media 2008)
#Arch Enemy (SWE) - Khaos Legions (Mediabook edition only, Century Media 2011)
Armoros (CAN) - Piece By Piece (Marquee 2008)
Artillery (DEN) - My Blood (Metal Mind 2011, digipak)
Asmodeus (CZE) - Muka existence (CD/DVD) (Indie 2008)
Assassin (DEU) - The Club (AGD 2005)
Atheist (USA) - Jupiter (Season Of Mist 2010)
#At War (USA) - Infidel (Heavy Artillery 2009)
Avenger of Blood (USA) - Complete Annihilation (JCM 2005)
Backwater (DEU) - Revelation/Final Strike (Old Metal 2009)
Bitter End (USA) - Have A Nice Death! (Metal on Metal 2011)
Black Dahlia Murder, The (USA) - A Cold-Blooded Epitaph (Lovelost 2002)
Black Dahlia Murder, The (USA) - Deflorate (Metal Blade 2009, digipak w/DVD preferred)
Black Dahlia Murder, The (USA) - Ritual (Metal Blade 2011)
Blessed Death (USA) - Hour Of Pain (Indie 2006)
Bonded By Blood (USA) - Extinguish The Weak (Indie 2007)
Bulldozer (ITA) - Unexpected Fate (Scarlet 2009)
Bywar (BRA) - Invincible War (Hate Storm 2002)
Bywar (BRA) - Twelve Devils Graveyard (Kill Again 2007)
Bywar (BRA) - Abduction (Mutilation 2011)
Candlemass (SWE) - Psalms For The Dead (Napalm 2012)
Charon (FIN) - The Dying Daylights (Spinefarm 2003)
Charon (FIN) - Songs For The Sinners (Spinefarm 2005)
Charon (FIN) - A-Sides, B-Sides & Suicides (Spinefarm 2010)
Children of Bodom (FIN) - Skeletons in the Closet (Spinefarm/Fontata 2009)
Children of Bodom (FIN) - Relentless Reckless Forever (Universal Music 2011, CD/DVD preferred)
Children of Bodom (FIN) - Holiday At Lake Bodom: 15 Years of Wasted Youth (Spinefarm/Fontana 2012, CD/DVD edition preferred)
Cradle Of Filth (UK) - Midnight In The Labyrinth (Peaceville 2012)
Darkane (SWE) - Expanding Senses (Nuclear Blast 2002)
Darkane (SWE) - Layers of Live (Listenable 2010, CD/DVD)
Dark Order (AUS) - 5000 Years Of Violence (Oracle 1998)
Dark Order (AUS) - The Violence Continuum (Oracle 2002)
Debustrol (CZE) - Apokalismus (Happy Music 1999)
Debustrol (CZE) - Steak (Sokol 2001)
Debustrol (CZE) - Prerushit (Sokol 2005)
Debustrol (CZE) - Rwanda (Sokols Power Voice 2009)
Demence (CAN) - Gouttes a gouttes (Neoblast/Warfare 2001)
Demonica (USA) - Demonstrous (Massacre 2010)
Desilence (DEU) - Wreck The Silence (Twilight Zone 2008)
Destruction (DEU) - The Curse of the Antichrist (AFM 2009)
Destruction (DEU) - Day of Reckoning (Nuclear Blast 2011)
Detente (USA) - History 1 (Cognitive 2008)
Detente (USA) - Decline (Cognitive 2010)
Detonation (NLD) - Lost Euphoria (Skull Crusher 1999)
Detonation (NLD) - An Epic Defiance (Indie 2003)
Detonation (NLD) - Emission Phase (Osmose 2007)
Detonation (NLD) - Reprisal (Indie 2011)
Devastation (Chicago, USA) - Dispensible Bloodshed (Marquee 2008)
Devastator (ITA) - Andatevene Tutti Affanculo! (Indie 2010)
Devastator (ITA) - La musica Fa Schifo (Fadeout 2011)
Dew-Scented (DEU) - Ill-Natured (Grind Syndicate Media 1999)
Dew-Scented (DEU) - Issue VI (Nuclear Blast 2005)
Dew-Scented (DEU) - Invocation (Metal Blade/Prosthetic 2010)
Dew-Scented (DEU) - Icarus (Metal Blade 2012)
Diamond Plate (USA) - Generation Why? (Earache 2011)
Disciples of Power (CAN) - Mechanikill (MindtGash 1996)
Disciples of Power (CAN) - In Dust We Trust (MindtGash 2002)
Dissection (CAN) - One Way Get Away (Area Death Productions 2010)
Doomshine (DEU) - The Piper At The Gates Of Doom (Massacre 2010)
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA) - Searching For The Light (Encore Records 2008)
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA) - Terrorism Alive (Varda 1999)
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA) - Antes do Fim, Depois do Fim (Encore Records 2005)
Draconian (SWE) - A Rose For The Apocalypse (Napalm 2011)
Drunkards (ITA) - No Trace Of Sanity (LM Records 2009)
Edge Of Sanity (SWE) - Crimson II (Black Mark 2003)
Egzekuthor (POL) - Zuk (Indie 2004)
#Egzekuthor (POL) - Czas sumienia (Thrashing Madness 2009)
#Egzekuthor (POL) - Hateful Subconsciousness (Thrashing Madness 2009)
Eluveitie (CHE) - Ven (Indie 2003)
Eluveitie (CHE) - Ven (Fear Dark 2004, reissue)
Eluveitie (CHE) - Spirit (Fear Dark 2006)
Eluveitie (CHE) - Live At Metalcamp (Nuclear Blast 2008)
Eluveitie (CHE) - Helvetios (Nuclear Blast 2012)
Eluveitie (CHE) - The Early Years (Nuclear Blast 2012)
Emperor (NOR) - In The Nightside Eclipse (Candlelight 1994)
Emperor (NOR) - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (Candlelight 1997)
Enforcer (SWE) - Into The Night (Heavy Artillery 2008)
Enter My Silence (SWE) - Sophia's Eye (Indie 1999)
Enter My Silence (SWE) - Coordinate: D1SA5T3R (JMT Music 2006)
Entombed (SWE) - Serpent Saints (Threeman 2007)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (FIN) - Vilda Mannu (Spinefarm 1998)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (FIN) - Chaotic Beauty (Spinefarm 2000)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (FIN) - Before the Bleeding Sun (Spinefarm 2006)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (FIN) - Children of the Dark Waters (Suomen Musiikki 2009, Massacre digipak OK)
Evile (UK) - Infected Nations (Earache 2009, CD/DVD edition only, already have the Redux edition)
Evile (UK) - Five Serpents Teeth (Earache 2011)
Exciter (CAN) - Long Live The Loud (Globus edition preferred, will accept other reissues too)
Exciter (CAN) - O.T.T. (Magnetic Air 1995)
Exciter (CAN) - Death Machine (Massacre 2010)
Faff-Bey (FIN) - Should Have Stayed In The Grave (Poko 2005)
Faith Or Fear (USA) - Titanium (Indie 2012)
Fates Warning (USA) - Night on Brocken (Enigma/Metal Blade edition)
Fleshcrawl (DEU) - Structures Of Death (Metal Blade 2007)
Flotsam And Jetsam (USA) - Once in a Deathtime CD/DVD (Metal Mind 2008)
Flotsam And Jetsam (USA) - Dreams Of Death (remastered, Metal Mind 2008)
Fragments Of Unbecoming (DEU) - Bloodred Tales (Indie 2002)
Fuck Off (ESP) - Hell On Earth (Dark Rails 2006, reissue)
Fueled By Fire (USA) - Plunging Into Darkness (Annialation 2010 preferred, 2012 reissue on Noise Art OK)
Ground Zero (JPN) - Gate Of Death/Etherealize (Explosion Works/King 2009)
Gwar (USA) - Carnival of Chaos (Metal Blade 1997)
Gwar (USA) - Violence Has Arrived (Metal Blade 2001)
Gwar (USA) - You're All Worthless And Weak (Slave Pit 2002)
Gwar (USA) - Lust In Space (Metal Blade 2009)
#Gwar (USA) - Bloody Pit of Horror (Metal Blade 2010)
Hatesphere (DEN) - The Sickness Within (SPV 2005)
Hatesphere (DEN) - To The Nines (Napalm 2009)
Hatesphere (DEN) - The Great Bludgeoning (Napalm 2011)
Haunted, The (SWE) - Versus (limited two-discs edition only) (Century Media 2008)
Haunted, The (SWE) - Unseen (limited edition digipak only) (Century Media 2011 - yeah I know it sucks)
Hallows Eve (USA) - The Neverending Sleep (Indie 2008)
Havok (USA) - Thrash Can (Indie 2005)
Havok (USA) - Pwn 'Em All (Indie 2007)
Havok (USA) - Burn (Candlelight 2009)
Havok (USA) - Time Is Up (Candlelight 2011)
#Hellias (POL) - Revenge of Hellias (Luciferous Art 2007)
#Hellias (POL) - A.D. Darkness (Thrashing Madness 2009)
Helstar (USA) - Glory Of Chaos (AFM 2010, limited edition preferred)
Hexen (USA) - Blast Radius (Indie 2004)
Hexen (USA) - Heal A Million ... Kill A Million (Indie 2005)
Hexen (USA) - From The Cradle To The Chamber (Indie 2007)
Hexen (USA) - Cinders Of Zarathustra (Indie 2007)
Hexen (USA) - State of Insurgency (Old School Metal Records 2008)
Holy Terror (USA) - El Revengo (Blackend 2006)
Horrorscope (POL) - Delicioushell (Miceli 2010)
Hyades (ITA) - No Bullshit ... Just Metal! (Indie 2004)
#Hyades (ITA) - The Roots of Trash (Mausoleum 2009)
Immortal Souls (FIN) - Once Upon A Time In The North (Fear Dark 2005)
Immortal Souls (FIN) - IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death (Dark Balance 2011)
Impious (SWE) - Death Domination (Metal Blade 2009)
Indestructible Noise Command (USA) - Bleed The Line (Indie 2010)
Indestructible Noise Command (USA) - Heaven Sent... Hellbound (Rising 2011)
Insomnium (FIN) - Across The Dark (Candlelight 2009)
Insomnium (FIN) - The Last Wave That Broke (Candlelight 2009)
Isole (SWE) - Born From Shadows (Napalm 2011)
Kat (POL) - Oddech Wymarlych Swiatow (Metal Mind 2006)
Kat (POL) - Mind Cannibals (Mystic 2005)
#King Diamond (USA) - Give Me Your Soul ... Please! (Metal Blade 2007)
Korzus (BRA) - Discipline Of Hate (AFM or Laser Company 2010)
Kreator (DEU) - Terror Prevails - Live At Rock Hard Festival (Nuclear Blast 2010)
Kreator (DEU) - Phantom Antichrist (Nuclear Blast 2012, CD/DVD edition preferred)
Kremate (BRA) - Death: In The Name of (Force Majeure 2005)
Kremate (BRA) - The Greatest Joke (Urubuz Records 2011)
Kryptor (CZE) - Na Vychodní Fronti Boj! (Multisonic 1997)
Laaz Rockit (USA) - Left For Dead (Massacre 2008 only, w/out the bonus songs)
Legion (ESP) - Mind Training/Por La Cara (Dark Rails 2008)
Leprosy (MEX) - Reino Maldito (Discos y Cintas Denver 1994)
Leprosy (MEX) - Rey de las Bestias (Discos y Cintas Denver 1999)
Leprosy (MEX) - En Concierto Vol. I (Discos y Cintas Denver 2001)
Leprosy (MEX) - En Concierto Vol. II (Discos y Cintas Denver 2001)
Leprosy (MEX) - Leprosy in Concierto DVD (Discos y Cintas Denver 2001)
Leprosy (MEX) - La Maldition (Discos y Cintas Denver 2003)
Leprosy (MEX) - A Travez de los Tiempos (Discos y Cintas Denver 2004)
Leprosy (MEX) - Tambores de Fuego! (Discos y Cintas Denver 2006)
Leprosy (MEX) - Tributo a Death (Discos y Cintas Denver 2010)
Lich King (USA) - World Gone Dead (Stormspell 2010)
Lich King (USA) - Super Retro Thrash (Stormspell 2011, hand-numbered edition only, no cut-out)
Magnus (POL) - Acceptance Of Death (Witching Hour Productions 2010)
Megadeth (USA) - Endgame (Roadrunner 2009)
Megadeth (USA) - Rust In Peace Live! (Shout! 2010, CD or DVD, interested in both)
Megadeth (USA) - Th1rt3en (Roadrunner 2011)
Megaslaughter (SWE) - Calls From The Beyond reissue (Arsenal Of Glory 2007)
Mekong Delta (DEU) - Wanderer on the Edge of Time (AAARRG 2010)
Mekong Delta (DEU) - Intersections (Steamhammer 2012)
Meliah Rage (USA) - No Mind (promo single, Epic 1990)
Meliah Rage (USA) - Unfinished Business (Indie 2002)
Meliah Rage (USA) - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep (Screaming Ferret 2006)
Meliah Rage (USA) - Masquerade (Screaming Ferret 2009)
#Meliah Rage (USA) - Dead To The World (Metal On Metal 2011)
Mercenary (DEN) - Supremacy (Black Day 1996)
Mercenary (DEN) - First Breath (Hammerheart 1998)
Mercenary (DEN) - Everblack (Hammerheart 2000)
#Merciless Death (POL) - Eternal Condemnation (Thrashing Madness 2009)
Mors Principium Est (FIN) - The Unborn (Listenable 2005) Digi or Jap!
Mortal Sin (AUS) - Mortal Thrashing Mad - Official Live Bootleg (Megametal 2007)
Mortal Sin (AUS) - Into The Inferno (Live in Oslo) (Riot! 2009)
#Mortal Sin (AUS) - Psychology of Death (NoiseArt 2011)
Mortifier (USA) - Underground Noise (Indie 2008)
Municipal Waste (USA) - Municipal Waste EP (Amendment Records/Busted Heads 2001)
#Municipal Waste (USA) - Massive Aggressive (Earache 2009)
Municipal Waste (USA) - The Fatal Feast (Nuclear Blast 2012, limited edition)
Nasty Savage (USA) - Cleveland '87 (Marquee 2003)
National Napalm Syndicate (FIN) - Birth, Death And Resurrection (Poison Arrow 2007)
National Napalm Syndicate/Mengele/Lycanthropy/Morphisis - Thrashing Relics Vol.1 (Bestial Burst 2006)
Necronomicon (DEU) - Construction Of Evil (Remedy 2004)
Necronomicon (DEU) - Revenge of the Beast (Xtreem 2008, 2CD version preferred)
Necronomicon (DEU) - Invictus (Massacre 2012, digipak preferred)
Nevermore (USA) - The Year Of The Voyager (Century Media 2008, CD edition only)
Night In Gales (DEU) - Five Scars (Lifeforce 2011)
No-Mads, The (POL) - No Hush 'Til Thrash (Indie 2003)
Noumena (FIN) - Pride/Fall (Catharsis 2002)
Obliveon (CAN) - Greatest Pits (Great White North 2002)
October Tide (SWE) - A Thin Shell (Candlelight 2010)
Onslaught (UK) - Live Polish Assault CD/DVD (Metal Mind 2007)
Onslaught (UK) - Sounds of Violence (AFM Records 2011)
Opeth (SWE) - Orchid (Candlelight 1995)
Opeth (SWE) - Morningrise (Candlelight 1996)
Outrage (JPN) - The Great Blue (Polydor 1990)
Outrage (JPN) - Outrageous Compilation (Polydor 1991)
Outrage (JPN) - Days of Rage (Polydor 1995)
Outrage (JPN) - Volume One EP (30 Min. 2001)
Outrage (JPN) - Play Loud (30 Min. 2002)
Outrage (JPN) - 24/7 (30 Min 2002)
Outrage (JPN) - Nagoya Noise Pollution Orchestra (30 Min. 2003)
Outrage (JPN) - Deadbeat (JVC 2004)
Outrage (JPN) - Cause For Pause (JVC 2005)
Outrage (JPN) - Outrage (JVC/Victor 2009)
Overkill (USA) - The Electric Age (Nuclear Blast 2012, CD/DVD edition)
Pestilence (HOL) - Resurrection Macabre (Mascot 2009)
Pestilence (HOL) - Doctrine (Mascot 2011)
Piledriver (CAN) - Metal Inquisition/Stay Ugly (Full Moon Productions 1997)
Pitch Black (PRT) - Thrash Killing Machine (Recital 2005)
Pitch Black (PRT) - Hate Division (Recital 2009)
Prophecy (BRA) - Legions of Violence (Morbid Tales 2008)
Protector (DEU) - Kain & Abel (Area Death Productions 2010)
Rampage (AUS) - Veil Of Mourn (CD/DVD, Area Death Productions 2011)
Renegade (AUS) - Total Armageddon (The Coffin Slave 2011)
Rumplestiltskin Grinder (USA) - Living for Death, Destroying the Rest (Relapse 2009)
Rumplestiltskin Grinder (USA) - Ghost Maker (Candlelight 2012)
Sacrifice (JPN) - Crest of Black (Bang the Head 2010)
Sacrilege (UK) - Within The Prophecy (Keltic 200?)
Samael (SWI) - Solar Soul (Nuclear Blast 2007)
Samael (SWI) - Lux Mundi (Nuclear Blast 2011)
Saturnus (DEN) - For the Loveless Lonely Nights (Euphonious 1998)
Saturnus (DEN) - Martyre (Euphonious 2000)
Savage Messiah (UK) - Spitting Venom (SMR 2007)
Savage Messiah (UK) - Insurrection Rising (Candlelight 2009)
Savage Messiah (UK) - Plague of Conscience (Earache 2012)
Savatage (USA) - Gutter Ballet (Atlantic 1989)
Savatage (USA) - When The Crowds Are Gone (promo single) (Atlantic 1989)
Savatage (USA) - Chance EP (Atlantic 1995)
Savatage (USA) - Live Devastation (w/ promo mention on front) (Metal Blade 1995, will trade well, no boots!)
Scariot (NOR) - Pushing For Perfection (OS Music 2002)
Scariot (NOR) - Momentum Shift (Facefront 2007)
Schizo (ITA) - Main Frame Collapse reissue (Avant-Garde 2006)
Scornage (DEU) - Sick Of Being Human (MDD Records 2004)
Scornage (DEU) - Pure Motorized Instinct (Remedy Records 2006)
Scornage (DEU) - Born To Murder The World (Remedy Records 2009)
Septic Flesh (GRE) - Communion (Season of Mist 2008)
Septic Flesh (GRE) - The Great Mass (Season of Mist 2011)
#Serpentor (ARG) - Poseido (4G Discos 2004)
Serpentor (ARG) - Final Sangriento (4G Discos 2007)
Serpentor (ARG) - Privacion Ilegitima de la libertad (Icarus Music 2009)
Skitzo (USA) - M-80s (Mosh Till Mush 2001, only if the CD-Rs are still readable, mine aren't)
Skitzo (USA) - Psychobabble (Mourning Star 1996)
Skitzo (USA) - Heavy Shit (Open Grave 2005)
Skullbreaker (DEU) - Total Thrash Terror (Indie 2005)
Slaughter (CAN) - Tortured Souls (Marquee 2007)
Sodom (DEU) - The Art of Killing Poetry (Metal Hammer 2010)
Sodom (DEU) - In War And Pieces (SPV/Steamhammer 2010)
Solitude Aeturnus (USA) - Hour of Despair (Metal Mind 2007, CD/DVD edition preferred)
#Solitude Aeturnus (USA) - In Times of Solitude (Massacre 2011)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Soziedad Alkoholika (Overdrive 1991)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Feliz Falsedad (Overdrive 1992)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Y Ese Que Tanto (Oihuka Diskak 1993)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Ratas (Mil a Gritos 1995)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Diversiones...? (Mil a Gritos 1996)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - No Intente Hacer Esto en Su Casa (Mil a Gritos 1997)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Directo (Mil a Gritos 1999)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Polvo En Los Ojos (Mil a Gritos 2000)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Tiempos Oscuros (Locomotive 2003)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Mala Sangre (Roadrunner 2008)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Sesion #2 (Roadrunner 2009)
Soziedad Alkoholika (ESP) - Cadenas de Odio (Indie 2011)
Spellbound (DEU) - Extensions demo (Indie 2000)
Spellbound (DEU) - Violent Forces demo (Indie 2003)
Spellbound (DEU) - Incoming Destiny (Indie 2005 or Armageddon 2005)
Spellbound (DEU) - Nemesis 2665 (Armageddon 2007)
Suidakra (DEU) - Signs For The Fallen (Century Media 2003)
Suidakra (DEU) - Command To Charge (Armageddon 2005)
Suidakra (DEU) - Caledonia (Armageddon 2006)
Suidakra (DEU) - Crogacht (Wacken/SPV 2009)
Suidakra (DEU) - Book of Dowth (AFM 2011, digipak edition only)
Swashbuckle (USA) - Back to the Noose (Nuclear Blast 2009)
Swashbuckle (USA) - Crime Always Pays ... (Nuclear Blast 2010)
Target (BEL) - Master Project Genesis/Mission Executed (Stormspell 2009)
Taurus (BRA) - Pornography (Marquee 2008)
Temple of Blood (USA) - Overlord (Indie 2008)
Terror (USA) - Hijos De Los Cometas (Culebro/BMG 1997)
Terror (USA) - Terror (OVNI 1998)
Testament (USA) - The Formation of Damnation CD/DVD (Nuclear Blast 2008)
Thrasher Death (POL) - Slaver (I Hate 2011)
Thulcandra (DEU) - Fallen Angel's Dominion (Napalm 2010)
Thulcandra (DEU) - Under A Frozen Sun (Napalm 2011)
Trouble (USA) - Run To The Light (Enigma/Metal Blade edition preferred, 1994 reissue is OK)
Trouble (USA) - Trouble (Def American 1990, no f*cking bootleg!)
Trouble (USA) - Manic Frustration (Def American 1992)
Turbo (POL) - Straznik Swiatla (Metal Mind 2009)
Vektor (USA) - Demolition (Indie 2006)
Vektor (USA) - Outer Isolation (Heavy Artillery 2011)
#Vendetta (DEU) - Feed The Extermination (Massacre 2011)
Vindicator (USA) - There Will Be Blood (Indie 2008)
Violator (BRA) - Annihilation Process (Kill Again 2010)
Violator (BRA) - Thrashin' United Tour 2007 DVD (Kill Again 2011)
Violent Force (DEU) - Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow (Metal Mind 2007)
Virgin Snatch (POL) - Act of Grace (Mystic 2008)
Vulcano (BRA) - Five Skulls and One Chalice (Cogumelo 2009)
Wargasm (USA) - Suicide Notes (Transmission 1995)
Wargasm (USA) - Little Drummer Boy / Jingle Hell (Transmission 2000)
Whiplash (USA) - Unborn Again (Pulverised 2009)
Wicca (DEU) - Splended Deed (Bleeding Chainsaw 2008)
Wicca (DEU) - Bloodrush (Twilight Zone 2010)
Within Y (SWE) - Portraying Dead Dreams (Gain 2006)
Within Y (SWE) - The Cult (Gain 2008)
Within Y (SWE) - Silence Conquers (Gain 2011)

Not priorities, but I could also use :

#ADX (FRA) - Division Blindee (Bernett 2008)
ADX (FRA) - Terreurs (Pervade 2010, 2CD edition only)
ADX (FRA) - Immortel (XIII Bis Records 2011)
Aggression (ESP) - Viocracy (Xtreem Music 2012)
Amon Amarth (SWE) - Surtur Rising (Metal Blade 2011)
Armistice (DEU) - Roots of Evil (Bad Land 2005)
Avatar (SWE) - Schlacht (Gain Records 2007)
Blessed Death (USA) - Kill Or Be Killed reissue (Metalmind 2007)
Blinded By Fear (DEN) - Enroute To Pain (Indie 2004)
Blinded Colony (SWE) - Bedtime Prayers (Pivotal 2007)
Carcariass (FRA) - E-xtinction (Great Dane 2009)
Cerebral Fix (UK) - Products Of Disgust box (Metal Mind 2007)
Cipher System (SWE) - Communicate the Storms (Nuclear Blast 2011)
Compos Mentis (DEN) - Gehennesis (Mighty Music 2007)
Contradiction (DEU) - Contramination (Indie 2003)
Contradiction (DEU) - The Voice Of Hatred (Armageddon 2005)
Contradiction (DEU) - The Warchitect (Armageddon 2007)
Crystal Lake (BRA) - Terror Machine (Indie 2007)
Dark Age (DEU) - Minus Exitus (Remedy 2008)
Dark Age (DEU) - Acedia (AFM 2009)
Decimator (BRA) - Killing Tendencies (Marquee 2007)
Disarmonia Mundi (ITA) - Nebularium (Indie 2002)
Dismember (SWE) - Where Ironcrosses Grow (Karmageddon 2004)
Dismember (SWE) - Dismember (Regain 2008)
Drifter (CHE) - The Demos: 1985 & 1986 (Stormspell 2006)
Duskfall, The (SWE) - Lifetime Supply Of Guilt (Nuclear Blast 2005)
Duskfall, The (SWE) - The Dying Wonders Of The World (Nuclear Blast/Massacre 2007)
Endless Pain (ITA) - Born in Violence (Indie 2005)
Endless Pain (ITA) - Course of Hate (Indie 2009)
Endless Pain (ITA) - Chronicles of Death (Nadir Music 2011)
Extrema (ITA) - Proud, Powerful 'n' Alive (Contempo 1993)
Extrema (ITA) - Better Mad Than Dead (Seven 2001)
Extrema (ITA) - Set The World On Fire (V2/Edel 2005)
Extrema (ITA) - Raisin' Hell With Friends (Scarlet 2007)
Extrema (ITA) - Pound for Pound (Scarlet 2009)
Farscape (BRA) - Demon's Massacre (Dark Sun 2003)
Farscape (BRA) - Killers On The Loose (Unsilent 2006)
Farscape/VICTIMIZER/ETERNAL PAIN/BETRAYED - Split (Deathstrike 2005)
Funeral (NOR) - To Mourn Is A Virtue (Solitude 2011)
#God Dethroned (NLD) - Passiondale (Metal Blade 2009)
God Dethroned (NLD) - Under the Sign of the Iron Cross (Metal Blade 2010)
#Hell (UK) - Human Remains (Nuclear Blast 2011)
Helloween (DEU) - Metal Jukebox (Raw Power 1999)
Helloween (DEU) - Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy (Steamhammer/SPV 2005)
Helloween (DEU) - Live in Sao Paulo (Steamhammer/SPV 2007)
Helloween (DEU) - Are You Metal? (Victor Entertainment 2010)
Holocausto (BRA) - De Volta Ao Front (Cogumelo 2006)
Horfixion (CAN) - The Art of Agony (Galy 2009)
Hurtlocker (USA) - Fear in a Handful of Dust (Napalm 2006)
Hurtlocker (USA) - Embrace The Fall (Napalm 2007)
Hypocrisy (SWE) - Catch 22 v2.0.08 (Nuclear Blast 2008)
Hypocrisy (SWE) - A Taste of Extreme Divinity (Nuclear Blast 2009)
Hypocrisy (SWE) - Hell over Sofia - 20 Years of Chaos and Confusion (Nuclear Blast 2011, DVD)
Infernal Majesty (CAN) - Chaos In Copenhagen (Hypnotic 2000)
Inspell (BUL) - Fairy Tales: Chapter One (Little Norway Productions 2003)
Iron Maiden (UK) - Powerslave (EMI/Capitol 1984)
Iron Maiden (UK) - Live After Death (EMI/Capitol 1985)
#Iron Maiden (UK) - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (EMI/Capitol 1988)
Iron Maiden (UK) - Most singles and live albums, just ask
Jag Panzer (USA) - The Scourge of the Light (Steamhammer 2011)
Judas Priest (UK) - Rocka Rolla (Line Records 1984)
Judas Priest (UK) - Sad Wings of Destiny (RCA 198?)
Judas Priest (UK) - Stained Class (Columbia/Sony 198?)
Judas Priest (UK) - Killing Machine (Columbia/Sony 198?)
Judas Priest (UK) - Point of Entry (Columbia/Sony 198?)
Judas Priest (UK) - Priest ... Live! (Columbia/Sony 1987)
#Judas Priest (UK) - Ram It Down (Columbia/Sony 1988)
Kamelot (USA) - Eternity (Noise Records 1995)
Kamelot (USA) - Dominion (Noise Records 1997)
Kamelot (USA) - The Expedition (Noise Records 2000)
Kamelot (USA) - Epica (Noise Records 2003)
Kamelot (USA) - One Cold Winter's Night (Steamhammer/SPV 2006)
Kamelot (USA) - Ghost Opera (Steamhammer 2007)
Kamelot (USA) - Poetry For The Poisoned (KMG Recordings or Edel Music 2010)
Kataklysm (CAN) - Temple Of Knowledge (Nuclear Blast 1996)
Kataklysm (CAN) - Victims Of This Fallen World (Hypnotic 1998)
Kataklysm (CAN) - The Prophecy (Nuclear Blast 2000)
#Kataklysm (CAN) - Epic: The Poetry Of War (Nuclear Blast 2001)
Kataklysm (CAN) - Serenity In Fire (Nuclear Blast 2004)
Kataklysm (CAN) - Vision The Chaos (Skyscraper 2005)
Kataklysm (CAN) - Prevail (Nuclear Blast 2008)
Kataklysm (CAN) - Heaven's Venom (Nuclear Blast 2010)
Kataklysm (CAN) - The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined (Nuclear Blast 2012, DVD)
Katatonia (SWE) - Dance of December Souls (No Fashion 1993)
Katatonia (SWE) - Sounds of Decay (Avantgarde Music 1997)
Katatonia (SWE) - Saw You Drown (Avantgarde Music 1998)
Katatonia (SWE) - Teargas (Peaceville 2001)
Katatonia (SWE) - Tonight's Music (Peaceville 2001)
Katatonia (SWE) - Live Consternation (Peaceville 2007)
Katatonia (SWE) - The Great Cold Distance (Peaceville 2006)
Killers (FRA) - Fils de la haine (Brennus 1997)
Killers (FRA) - Danger de vie (Brennus 1997)
Killers (FRA) - Contre Courant (Sydnet 1995)
Killers (FRA) - Fort Intérieur (Brennus 1998)
Killers (FRA) - Mauvaises graines (Brennus 2000)
Killers (FRA) - Killing Games (Brennus 2001)
Killers (FRA) - Mise aux poings 2001 (Brennus 2001)
Killers (FRA) - Le Côté Live (Brennus 2003)
Killers (FRA) - A l'ombre des vautours (Indie 2007)
Lipid (DEN) - Lipid (Indie 1998)
Lipid (DEN) - God We Have Slain (Indie 1999)
Lipid (DEN) - Hagridden (Pavement 2001)
Loudblast (FRA) - Frozen Moments Between Life And Death (XIII Bis Records 2011)
Machine Head (USA) - Take My Scars (Roadrunner Japan 1997)
Machine Head (USA) - Unto The Locust CD/DVD (Roadrunner 2011)
Melechesh (ISR) - Sphinx (Osmose 2003)
Melechesh (ISR) - Emissaries (Osmose 2006)
Mercyful Fate (DEN) - The Bell Witch (Metal Blade 1994)
Moonspell (POR) - Irreligious (Century Media 1996)
Moonspell (POR) - Night Eternal (Steamhammer/SPV 2008)
Mortification (AUS) - Mortification (Intense or Nuclear Blast editions only, 1991)
Mortification (AUS) - Break The Curse (Nuclear Blast 1994)
Mortification (AUS) - The Best of Five Years (Intense 1995)
Mortification (AUS) - Noah Sat Down and Listened to ... (Rowe 1996)
Mortification (AUS) - The Silver Cord Is Severed (Nuclear Blast or Rowe Productions 2001, no reissues)
Mortification (AUS) - Power, Pain & Passion - Ten Years (Rowe 2002)
Mortification (AUS) - Live Humanitarian (Soundmass 2007)
Mortification (AUS) - The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine (Rowe 2009)
Mortification (AUS) - Twenty Years in the Underground (Nuclear Blast 2010)
My Dying Bride (UK) - As the Flower Withers (Peaceville 1992)
My Dying Bride (UK) - Meisterwerk I (Peaceville 2000)
My Dying Bride (UK) - The Voice of the Wretched (Peaceville 2002)
My Dying Bride (UK) - An Ode To Woe (Peaceville 2008, CD/DVD)
My Dying Bride (UK) - Bring Me Victory (Peaceville 2008)
My Dying Bride (UK) - For Lies I Sire (Peaceville 2009)
My Dying Bride (UK) - Evinta (Peaceville 2011, 3-discs edition preferred)
My Dying Bride (UK) - The Barghest O' Whitby (Peaceville 2011)
Nadimac (SRB) - Po Kratkom Postupku (Area Death 2011)
Neaera (DEU) - Let The Tempest Come (Metal Blade 2006)
Neaera (DEU) - Armamentarium (Metal Blade 2007)
Neaera (DEU) - Omnicide: Creation Unleashed (Metal Blade 2009)
Neaera (DEU) - Forging the Eclipse (Metal Blade 2010)
Necrodeath (ITA) - 20 Years Of Noise (Scarlet 2005)
Necrodeath (ITA) - Phylogenesis (Scarlet 2009)
Necrodeath (ITA) - Old Skull (Scarlet 2010)
Necrodeath (ITA) - Idiosyncrasy (Scarlet 2011)
Necrodeath (ITA) - The Age of Fear (Scarlet 2011)
Necrosis (CHL) - Enslaved To The Machine (Toxic 2001)
Nocturnal (DEU) - Arrival Of The Carnivore (From Beyond 2004)
Obituary (USA) - Darkest Day (Candlelight 2009)
Papsmear (USA) - Music To Kill By (M-Theory Audio 2008)
Paradise Lost (UK) - Shades of God (Music For Nations/Metal Blade 1992)
Phantom Crew (USA) - Thrashing Spree (Marquee 2006)
Poisonblack (FIN) - Of Rust And Bones (Century Media 2010)
#Power (DEU) - Roll The Dice (STF Records 2007)
Protected Illusion (FIN) - Watching The Wake (Marquee 2008)
Quo Vadis (POL) - Babel (Jimmy Jazz 2007)
#Rat Attack (USA) - Rat Attack + 6 (Old Metal 2008)
Rootwater (POL) - Limbic System (Mystic 2007)
Rootwater (POL) - Visionism (Mystic 2009)
Scar Symmetry (SWE) - Symmetric In Design (Metal Blade 2005)
Scar Symmetry (SWE) - Dark Matter Dimensions (Nuclear Blast 2009)
Schizo (ITA) - Cicatriz Black (Scarlet 2007)
Schizo (ITA) - Hallucination Cramps (Scarlet 2010)
Solefald (NOR) - Neonism (Avantgarde Music 1999 only)
Solefald (NOR) - In Harmonia Universali (Century Media 2003)
Solefald (NOR) - Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey : Part II (Season Of Mist 2006)
Solefald (NOR) - The Circular Drain (Von Jackhelln Inhuman 2008)
Solefald (NOR) - Norron Livskunst (Indie Recordings 2010)
SSS (UK) - Short Sharp Shock (Dead And Gone 2006, NOT the Earache reissue)
SSS (UK) - The Dividing Line (Earache 2008)
Suicidal Angels (GRE) - Armies Of Hell (Live 2006)
Suicidal Angels (GRE) - Eternal Domination (OSM Records 2007)
Suicidal Angels (GRE) - Sanctify The Darkness (Nuclear Blast 2009)
Suicidal Angels (GRE) - Dead Again (NoiseArt 2010)
Suicidal Angels (GRE) - Bloodbath (NoiseArt 2012)
The Crown (SWE) - Deathrace King (Metal Blade 2000)
The Crown (SWE) - Crowned Unholy (Metal Blade 2004)
The Crown (SWE) - Doomsday King (Century Media 2010)
Thirdmoon (AUT) - Grotesque Autumnal Weepings (CCP 1997)
Thirdmoon (AUT) - Dimorphic Cynosure (Maintain 2007)
Toxic Holocaust (USA) - Conjure And Command (Relapse 2011, CD/DVD edition only)
Transmetal (MEX) - XIII Anos en Vivo Primera Parte (Denver 2000)
Transmetal (MEX) - XIII Anos en Vivo Segunda Parte (Denver 2000)
Transmetal (MEX) - Lo Podrido Corona La Inmensidad (Denver 2004)
Transmetal (MEX) - 17 Years Down In Hell (Denver 2004)
Transmetal (MEX) - El Despertar de la Adversidad (Denver 2006)
Transmetal (MEX) - Progresion Neurotica (Denver 2006)
Transmetal (MEX) - 20 Anos Ondeando La Bandera Del Metal (Denver 2007)
Transmetal (MEX) - en vivo desde Tijuana (Mental 2008)
Transmetal (MEX) - Odyssey In The Flesh (Felony1 2008)
Transmetal (MEX) - Decadencia en la Modernidad (La Mazakuata 2011)
Trivium (USA) - Shogun (Roadrunner 2009, CD/DVD edition only)
Trivium (USA) - In Waves (Roadrunner 2011, CD/DVD edition only)
United (JPN) - Reload (Victor 1997)
United (JPN) - Burst (Howling Bull 1997)
United (JPN) - Infectious Hazard (Howling Bull 2001)
United (JPN) - Core (Howling Bull 2002)
United (JPN) - Nine (Howling Bull 2005)
United (JPN) - Tear of Illusions (Spiritual Beast 2011)
Within Temptation (HOL) - The Unforgiving (Roadrunner 2011, CD/DVD edition only)

and a shitload more, just send your trade lists!

I am NOT interested in licensed Russian pressings on IronD/Fono/CD-Maximum unless it's the only edition available.
I am NOT interested in Mexican pressings on Scarecrow or any other South American edition unless it's the only edition available.
I am NOT interested in Asian pressings except official Japanese pressings with OBI unless it's the only edition available.

the only exception - trading Russian pressing for Russian pressing.

NOTE: If your CDs are promos or cut-outs (ie. cardboard sleeves, folded tray card, punch-hole through the UPC, drill-hole through the booklet/tray card, saw-cut, etc.), please be kind enough to mention it before closing the deal. I'm not completely ruling them out as for some of my wants, a cut-out version is better than nothing at all, but for more common discs, I strongly prefer retail versions without alterations.

I will therefore only accept North American or European editions, unless of course the band is signed to a Russian, South American or Asian label.

Trade list:

Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:50 pm
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Post Re: Trade list - ~700 CDs (black/death/thrash/doom/etc.)
New additions :

Camilla Rhodes
Dark Faith
Infected Malignity
Stillness Blade
Torn Within

and a few others.

Trade list:

Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:03 pm
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Post Re: Trade list - ~700 CDs (black/death/thrash/doom/etc.)

Cuchulainn wrote:
Schaffer is a fucking imbecile and should just hang up his guitar and then hang himself.

Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:36 am
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Post Re: Trade list - ~850 CDs (black/death/thrash/doom/etc.)
New additions today :

Biomechanical - Cannibalised (progressive/groove metal from the UK, Earache)
Chris Caffery - Faces (progressive power metal by Savatage guitar player, Black Lotus)
Dokken - Tooth and Nail (hard rock/metal from the USA, Elektra Records)
Hatebreed - Under the Knife (brutal hardcore from the USA, Smorgasbord Records)
Kiss - Destroyer (classic hard rock from the USA, Casablanca/Polygram)
Krisiun - AssassiNation (brutal death metal from Brazil, Century Media)
Malevolent Creation - Joe Black (death metal from Florida, Pavement Music)
Naer Mataron - Praetorians (black metal from Greece, Season of Mist)
Obscurus Advocam - Verbia Daemonicus (black metal from France, Battle Kommando)
Phazm - Antebellum Death 'n Roll (death 'n' roll from France, dual disc, Osmose Productions)
Planet Hate - Mother Are You Mad? (power/thrash from the USA, Edel/Concrete Records)
Scorpions - Face the Heat (hard rock from Germany, Mercury)
Torment - Tormentation (thrash metal from Germany, Magick/Remedy)
Vader - Live in Japan (death metal from Poland, Pavement Music)
Warlock - Triumph and Agony (classic heavy metal from Germany with Doro, Mercury/Polygram)

Trade list:

Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:11 pm
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