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Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Thu Jun 18, 2015 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  ARES KINGDOM

Ares Kingdom Rhythm Guitarist on Hiatus, Band to Continue as a Trio

For immediate release

June 17, 2015

Lee’s Summit, MO - Kansas City's death/thrash metal band Ares Kingdom has announced that rhythm guitarist Doug Overbay is taking an indefinite hiatus from the band in order to address health issues.

The band is continuing as a three piece with Alex Blume - vocals/bass, Mike Miller - drums, and Chuck Keller - guitars. The line-up change will have no effect on any upcoming shows.

The band is currently in post-production with their new album, "The Unburiable Dead" at their own Very Metal Sound studio in suburban Kansas City. Release is scheduled later this year through NWN! Productions in LP, Die Hard LP, CD, and picture disc formats.

Ares Kingdom formed in 1996, the year following the end of Mike and Chuck's previous band Order from Chaos. AK’s first four years were spent as a two-piece. In 2000, Doug joined as bassist, followed soon by Alex as vocalist. In 2006, Doug switched to rhythm guitar while Alex assumed bass duties.

The band signed to NWN! Productions in 2004 and has released two full-length albums, "Return to Dust" (2006) and "Incendiary" (2010), plus a compilation CD "Firestorms and Chaos" (2008), an album of covers entitled "Veneration" (2013), and two 12" maxi singles, “Firestorm Redemption” (2006) and “Failsafe” (2007).

In addition to their upcoming third full-length, "The Unburiable Dead," the band is set to release a special live picture disc entitled "Chaosmongers Alive: 8/21/2006" as part of NWN! Productions' Onward // Ascendant warehouse fund campaign.



Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:34 pm ]
Post subject:  ARES KINGDOM - The Unburiable Dead Album Artwork/Track List

From https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ares-Kingdom/97935152280 :

Time has come to unveil the cover of our new album, 'The Unburiable Dead.' 30.7/15: CD layout is finished, NWN making one last inspection before sending to the plant. Out in early September. LPs will follow, depending on the speed of GZ.


The Unburiable Dead song titles:

Nom de Guerre
Salient and Redoubt
Writhe: Fettered to a Corpse
The Unburiable Dead
Stultifera Navis (Armistice and League)


Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  ARES KINGDOM - "The Unburiable Dead" Promo Video 2015

New song:



Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ARES KINGDOM


August 15th, 2015,
The Burlington (Chicago, IL)
With House of Atreus (Minneapolis, MN)
and Sons of Famine (Chicago, IL)


September 19th, 2015,
Onward/Ascendant - NWN! Warehouse Fund Benefit Gig (https://www.facebook.com/events/1411883615786612/)
Oakland Metro Opera House (Oakland, CA; http://www.oaklandmetro.org/)
With Abigail (Tokyo, Japan),
Gnosis (Miami, FL)
Haethen (Pennsylvania, PA)
Ohm (Sacramento, CA)
Negative Vortex (Oakland, CA)

Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ARES KINGDOM

Here is the second and final promo video before the album's release, "Demoralize":


Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ARES KINGDOM

ARES KINGDOM - The Unburiable Dead CD out now. From http://www.nwnprod.com/?p=5962 :

(Description by C. Conrad)
Following the release of their monumental second full-length album, “Incendiary,” in 2010, Ares Kingdom took a well-deserved break from recording new material in order to pay homage to some of their primary musical inspirations with the 2013 release of “Veneration,” a collection of various cover songs from the likes Slaughter Lord, R.U. Dead, Sacrilege, Mefisto, and others. The recording of “Veneration” was also seen by the band as an opportunity to experiment with different recording techniques that had not been previously implemented on their earlier original recordings. With an evolved sound that resulted from these sessions, Ares Kingdom then refocused their attention on the writing, rehearsing, and recording of new original material, which has now culminated in their third full-length offering, “The Unburiable Dead,” an album which confirms that the best musical product results from patient and diligent attention to detail.

With much of its musical pedigree having originated and developed from its members’ direct and indirect connections to the legendary Order From Chaos, Ares Kingdom has once again demonstrated its uncanny ability to successfully intertwine exceptional songwriting and musicianship with superior thematic and lyrical content. As with their prior releases, the seven tracks on “The Unburiable Dead” are relentless, scorching examples of metal fire and blood influenced not singularly from one, but instead from several sub-categories of black/death/thrash metal.

Thematically, the lyrics examine and reflect the world-shattering conflagration of the Great War for Civilisation (1914-1918) in brutally stark and agonizing, but equally artful terms. With the opening track, “Ubique” (Latin for “everywhere” and the motto of Britain’s Royal Artillery), the album traces the origins of the war before moving on to reflect the naïve optimism of the war’s early combatants with “Nom de Guerre” and the breakdown of the original ‘war of movement’ into the deadly stalemate and attrition of fortifications and trenches with “Salient and Redoubt.” The fourth track, “Demoralize,” reflects the waste and futility endured by both sides, which is followed by “Writhe: Fettered to a Corpse,” the album’s lone instrumental track with its title derived from a Hindenburg-attributed quote. The final two tracks, “The Unburiable Dead” and “Stultifera Navis (Armistice and League),” recount the final stages of the war, first from the soldier’s entrenched point of view as it lurches to an end, and then with the outbreak of joy and relief on the homefront upon its conclusion, which was ironically followed by the disastrous peace process that ensued.

Nuclear War Now! is proud to conspire again with Ares Kingdom in the release of “The Unburiable Dead” on both LP and CD formats. The artwork appropriately chosen to adorn all versions features “The Pit” by ‘degenerate artist’ George Grosz (1893-1959), whose despair over the destruction, terror, and death that nationalism had brought to his country through this conflict is readily apparent. Other powerful artwork and photographs present in the 12-page CD and 8-page gatefold LP booklets serve as illuminative thematic backdrops for the lyrics featured on each page and include works by American artist Marsden Hartley (1877-1943), British artist Christopher R.W. Nevinson (1889-1946), German artist Otto Engelhardt-Kyffhäuser (1884-1965), and French artist Georges Le Roux (1877-1957). All LP versions also include an A2 poster, and the die-hard edition boasts an additional Ares Kingdom poster flag and sticker.


Full album stream is available here: http://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandcam ... ble-dead-2

Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:16 am ]
Post subject:  “Firestorms over Europe” w/ ARES KINGDOM (USA)/PENTACLE (NL)

Killtown Bookings presents the final routing for “Firestorms over Europe” w/ ARES KINGDOM (USA) / PENTACLE (NL)!

The tour will be making the streets of Europe unsafe from Friday 4th to Sunday 20th November! 15 shows in 17 days!

Ares Kingdom will commence the tour with a performance at Nuclear War Now Fest in Berlin – continuing to Dresden to team up with Pentacle at the Lawless Darkness festival playing alongside bands like Dead Congregation and Incarceration. The package will also perform at Rotterdam Deathfest alongside bands like Gorguts, Vader and Hate Eternal.
So look out as the veterans of death sweep across Europe like a firestorm!

Friday 4th November: Berlin, Germany – Nuclear War Now! Fest * only Ares Kingdom

Saturday 5th November: Dresden, Germany – Chemiefabrik

Sunday 6th November: Poznan, Poland – Klub U Bazyla

Monday 7th November: Vienna, Austria – Viper Room

Tuesday 8th November: Parma, Italy – Titty Twister

Wednesday 9th November: Turino, Italy – Daevacian Club

Thursday 10th November: Colmar, France – Le Grillen

Friday 11th November: Show needed!

Saturday 12th November: Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Rotterdam Death Fest

Sunday 13th November: Wondelgem (Gent), Belgium – Partymakers

Monday 14th November: Paris, France – Le Klub

Tuesday 15th November: Zürich, Switzerland – Ebrietas

Wednesday 16th November: Birmingham, UK – The Flapper

Thursday 17th November: Show needed!

Friday 18th November: London, UK – Nambucca

Saturday 19th November: Antwerp, Belgium – Het Bos

Sunday 20th November: Copenhagen, Denmark – KB18
Ares Kingdom + Slægt at KB18 20th Nov. 2016

Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:08 am ]


In anticipation of the Spring 2019 release of our new album, 'By the Light of Their Destruction,' we are releasing four online-only retrospective EPs every couple of months beginning October 1, 2018.

These EPs will feature specially-selected tracks from our discography - including albums, singles and compilations - along with previously unreleased live soundboard tracks recorded at the Metal Threat Fest in Chicago in July 2016.

All EPs will be available through our Bandcamp page for free unlimited streaming: http://www.areskingdom.bandcamp.com

The first, titled 'The Dust of Ages,' is now available. Others will follow every couple of months.


Ares Kingdom


Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Ares Kingdom - 'Red in Claw' online only EP AVAILABLE NOW!


As we work relentlessly at Very Metal Sound on recording our new album, By the Light of Their Destruction, we also continue the countdown to its spring 2019 release with the posting of the second of four online-only retrospective EPs:

RED IN CLAW is now LIVE ON BANDCAMP!: https://areskingdom.bandcamp.com/album/red-in-claw

Each of the four EPs features specially selected tracks from our discography - including albums, singles, and compilations - along with previously unreleased live soundboard tracks recorded at the Metal Threat Fest in Chicago, July 2016.

Check out our BANDCAMP PAGE for download and free streaming!: https://areskingdom.bandcamp.com/

Also visit our MERCH PAGE for access to CDs, LPs, scarves, tour shirts, and limited edition picture discs!: http://www.areskingdom.com/merch.shtml

Ares Kingdom


ARES KINGDOM live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jul. 12th, 2016 (FULL SET): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7wH7Iv7qKM&t=1419s

Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:15 am ]

ARES KINGDOM - 'Instruments of War' Online-Only Retrospective EP Now Online

Instruments of War is the third of four online-only retrospective EPs, bringing together all AK instrumentals from 1996-2015 in a single onslaught! For download or free streaming.

https://areskingdom.bandcamp.com/album/ ... nts-of-war


Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Wed May 08, 2019 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  ARES KINGDOM set release date for new album/first song


Nuclear War Now! Productions sets May 15th as the international release date for Ares Kingdom's highly anticipated fourth album, By the Light of Their Destruction, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

It has been more than 20 years since Order From Chaos alumni Chuck Keller and Mike Miller recorded their first demo under the name Ares Kingdom. After the demo, nearly a full decade passed before Ares Kingdom released their first full-length album, Return to Dust. By that time, the band was operating as a four-piece with Alex Blume (Nepenthe, Blasphemic Cruelty) and Doug Overbay joining the fold. Overbay left the band following the release of the second album, Incendiary, and operating as a trio since that time, the band’s sound became ever more taut, elemental, and savage. This new album, By the Light of Their Destruction — the fourth full-length in the Ares Kingdom catalog, not counting the band’s 2013 compilation of cover tracks titled Veneration — departs thematically and sonically from the band’s prior work, with darker melodies and heavier instrumentation signaling a stylistic shift from the three earlier albums.

According to Keller, the catalyst for the new collection of songs was his discovery of some unused song ideas created for Vulpecula, the celestial black metal project that Keller worked on after the dissolution of Order From Chaos. Keller began repurposing the incomplete songs for presentation under the Ares Kingdom banner. In contrast to the empyreal nature of Vulpecula, Ares Kingdom’s music has always been terrestrial and visceral, inspired by earthly turmoil. Weaving the two together has produced a decidedly different type of Ares Kingdom composition, extending from the battlefield to the heavens in a way that is reminiscent of Order From Chaos. Indeed, one hears in these tracks stronger echoes of Order From Chaos than in any of Keller’s other subsequent output.

The precision and sharpness of Keller’s guitars are kept aloft by the stalwart machinery of Miller’s drums and Blume’s bass. But Miller and Blume offer more than scaffolding for the riffs; the bass and drums are separate heads of the Hydra, attacking furiously in tandem with Keller. The drumming in particular deserves special recognition. Miller is among the rare class of drummers whose performances provide a solid foundation while simultaneously assuming a dominant role in the forefront of the mix, as frantic and integral as the guitar. The darker atmosphere conjured on the new album is also well-suited for Blume’s commanding vocals, which are more varied than on the previous albums.

Of course, when describing Ares Kingdom, one must call attention to the band’s com positional brilliance. Like its predecessors, this album was years in the making. To call Keller meticulous is an understatement; his devotion to the craft of composition is legendary. Everything on this album is painstakingly sculpted, even the blurred constellation of notes in the solos. While Keller’s reputation as among the greatest guitarists in the extreme metal scene has never been seriously questioned, his lyrical craft is seldom discussed with the same degree of reverence, though it should be. Drawing upon Keller’s education in and appreciation for martial history, the prior Ares Kingdom albums focused predominantly on matters of weaponry and war. The thematic inspiration for this album is quite different. Keller’s lyrics for By the Light of Their Destruction read like poetry, evoking more obscure imagery. The band’s martial theme still permeates the album but is augmented by stories of ancient gods, their myths and symbols, and their sublime manifestations in the world of men.

In the meantime, hear the new track "Eighteen Degrees Beneath" here at Nuclear War Now's Bandcamp: https://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandca ... estruction

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Ares Kingdom's By the Light of Their Destruction:

1. The Hydra Void
2. Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem)
3. Dark Waters Eridanus
4. Eighteen Degrees Beneath
5. Allegory
6. The Bones of All Men
7. Iconologia
8. Talis Chimera Est

Ares Kingdom more info:




http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuclear-W ... 4651994141

Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Wed May 08, 2019 3:50 am ]

Ares Kingdom - Dark Waters Eridanus promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlcSDuZ8M-o

Author:  S.D. Plissken [ Wed May 29, 2019 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  ARES KINGDOM - 'By The Light of Their Destruction' OUT NOW


Conceived between immensity and eternity, echoing from the edge of forever and stirring the dust of ages comes 'By the Light of Their Destruction,' the fourth original full-length album by Ares Kingdom.

Released May 21, 2019.

Alex Blume - Vocals, Bass
Mike Miller - Drums
Chuck Keller - Guitars

Music and lyrics by Chuck Keller
Talis Chimera Est music by Keller/Miller
Additional arrangements by Ares Kingdom
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Very Metal Sound, July 2018 - February 2019

Digital download and full stream: https://areskingdom.bandcamp.com/album/ ... estruction

CD: http://www.nwnprod.com/?p=11477



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