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Author:  gabalgabow [ Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

ANNUNCIATION (Uk) Annuntiatio mortis metallum Demo tape. Death metal

BLACK SERPENT (Australa) Shadowside devilcosm Tape. Black/ Death. (Special packaging with a tape, a patch, two posters and two stickers).

BLASPHEMATOR (Chile) Insulters of the holy whore Demo tape. Raw black death

COMATOSE (Philippines) The ungodly lamentations Tape. Death metal/ Evil brutal death

GHOST TOWER (Usa) Head of night CD. Old school heavy metal/ Heavy doom. (Members of Borrowed time, The swil, Suaron...)

GOMORRAH (Usa) Gomorrah CD. Doom death. Compilation of demos from 91, 92, 96 and 99. (Member of Deteriorot, Famine)

INDIAN NIGHTMARE (Ger) Taking back the land Tape. Old school heavy metal/ Speed/ Punk

MALIGNO (Ger) Evil metal Demo tape. Raw black metal/ Black death

METAL STORM (Ger) Legacy CD. Old school heavy metal/ Old power metal (Compilation of recordings from 1986, 88 and 92, including unreleased stuffs)

MORDANCY -Hol) The anthology 1989 - 1993 CD. Old school death/ thrash in a technical manner.
(Contains demo 92, live 91 and rehearsal 93)

PANPHOBIA (Fra) Fear of death Demo tape. Death metal influenced by the old swedish sounds like early Dismember.

UNSALVATION (Fin) Profound enslavement Demo CD. Cardboard sleeve. Obscure death/ Bestial black death

WARMONGER (Ita) Marching on the warpath Demo tape. Old school thrash

DE SILENCE ET D'OMBRE (Fra) V Tape. Black metal with doom and dark ambient touches.

ALTARS (Australia)/ HEAVY EARTH (Cze) Split tape. Quite fucked obscure death/ Evil brutal death. (1 copy back in stock)


Author:  gabalgabow [ Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

A bunch of metal fanzines were added on the distro, and are waiting for your morbid eyes!
Check it out before it disappears:

https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... 2-fanzines

-MORBID WRITES (Estonia) Zine issue 2
-MORBID WRITES (Estonia) Zine issue 1
-TOUGH RIFFS (Fra) zine issue 8
-WIDMO (Poland) Zine issue 5
-WIDMO (Poland) Zine issue 4
-CRUSH THE CROSS (Brazil) Zine issue 12
-CORROSIVE ALTARS (Usa) Zine issue 5
-MANIC MOSH METAL (Uk) Magazine issue 1
-ON PAROLE (Usa) Zine issue 1
-LA MINE (Fra) Zine issue 78


MORBID WRITES (Estonia) Zine issue 2: Filthdigger, Chaotian, Carnal tombd, Repulsive vision, Aseptic, Bone marrow, Ahorrent funeral, Wretched fate... + Reviews. Death metal zine.
34 pages. A5. In english. 2019

MORBID WRITES (Estonia) Zine issue 1: Outre tombe, Evoker, Deceitome, Repression, Foul, Skullsmasher, Occult blood, Igor mortis... + Reviews. Death metal zine.
28 pages. A5. In english. 2019.

TOUGH RIFFS (Fra) zine issue 8: Bolt thrower, Massacra, Goreaphobia, Demigod, Confessor, General surgery, Nirvana 2002, Cynic, Gorefest, Korpse, Opprobium... + Reviews.
60 pages. A4. In english.

WIDMO (Poland) Zine issue 5: Ancient rites, Clandestine blaze, Grand belial's key, Primordial, Evilfeast, Darker than black recs, Dreadful relic, Stworz...
32 pages. A4. In english. 2018.

WIDMO (Poland) Zine issue 4: Darkthrone, Stabat mater, Northern heritage, Arkona, Seges findere, Khors, Skyforger, Dark fury, The wolves of avalon, Kalot embolot, Bialy vitez, Necroscope, Fjord, Flame of war, Forefather, Duszewypusch, Woods of fallen...
44 pages. A4. In english.

CRUSH THE CROSS (Brazil) Zine issue 12: Gravewards, Demonic hate, Demonized legion, Psicorragia, Forgotten path zine, Witchcraft/ Old crucifix... + Reviews.
34 pages. A4. In english. 2017

CORROSIVE ALTARS (Usa) Zine issue 5: Embrace of thorns, Nocturnal damnation, Savage deity, Expulsed angel, Sex messiah... + Reviews.
40 pages. A5. In english. 2018

MANIC MOSH METAL (Uk) Magazine issue 1: Whipstriker, Savage master, Chastain, Chalice, Demons bell, Power from hell, Assassin (Usa), Witch slayer, Hellripper ... Short interviews + reviews. Old school thrash/ heavy zine.
28 pages. A4. In english.

ON PAROLE (Usa) Zine issue 1: Brats, Ashbury, Blond fury, Vigilance, Iron lamb, Spell, OCcult burial, Flight, Whipstroker, Nightmare city, Luzifer, Damascus... + Reviews. Old school metal zine: Heavy, thrash...
76 pages. A5. In english.

LA MINE (Fra) Zine issue 78: Fanzine rock indé gratuit: Articles, dessins, jeux. Celebration days festival, Musique en omois, Béquée fest, No one is innocent, Rock'n festival #8, Zickenstock 2019...
24 pages. A5. In french. 2019.

https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... 2-fanzines


Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

DEPLETED (Usa) Conjurations of void Demo tape. Death doom with funeral and noise influences.

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Ectoplasmic revelations Demo Tape. Old school industrial/ Death metal

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Ectoplasmic revelations Demo CDr. Old school industrial/ Death metal

HUMAN HOST BODY (Slovenia) Orkan Demo tape. Crust/ Death grind with sludge and black metal touches.

MALTHEIST (Usa) Servile Demo tape. Old school death grind with obscure death influences.

FORNACE (Ita) Deep melancholic wrath CD. Black metal (Members of Eroded, End)

MADNES (Rus) Die with your beer on MCD. Quite old styled thrash metal.

UNSALVATION (Fin) Swansong of zion CD. Obscure death/ Bestial black death


Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

COPROPHILIA (Fin) Demo '91/ 4 track demo '92. Tape (Rerelease). Old school gory death/ grind, sounds like early Carcass, Crematory (Swe)...

GOATROACH (Fin) Demo'19 Tape. Doom sludge with black metal influences.

PUTRID EVOCATION (Chile) Blackness enshroud MCD. Old school necro/ Morbid death metal

RECLUSE (Uk) Olde gloom Demo tape. Old school doom

SCHIZOPARANOIC PLATOON (Gre) Warfare: Mass annihilation MCD. Bestial death black/ War metal

SUBLIMINAL NOISE (Chile) The extrasensory perception Demo tape. Old school underground death grind in early 90's style, with black death touches. (Member of Venus torment, Ripper...)

UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chile) Sign the book of death CD. Digipack. Obscure death metal



-EYE GOUGER - Poster
-KATHGOR - Poster
-DAWNING SEPTIC Records - Sticker
-MORBID WRITES Zine - Mini sticker
-ANTINOMIE Productions - Sticker

https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... es-patches


Author:  gabalgabow [ Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more


GLAUKOM SYNOD - Ectoplasmic revelations





Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jan 25, 2020 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more


The webshop was updated with many LOW PRICES CDs !

A lot of black metal, some grindcore, punk hardcore, old tech death and other stuffs.

Most of the items under 4 euros!

https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... low-prices

QRUJHUK (South korea) Triumph of the glorious blasphemy CD. Black metal, sounds like early Burzum and a bit of early Emperor.
EZURATE (Usa) Infernal dominatio CD. Fast black metal like early Dark funeral
EYELESS (Ita) All life ends Demo CDr. Raw grim black metal
EMPTY (Spa) A source of hollow essence CD. Black metal influenced by the 90's
TOD (Ita) Black metal manifesto CD. Raw black metal
GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN (Ger) Von schemen und trugbildern CD. Fast and qutie melodic black metal.
HOSPICE (Russia) Land of eternal night CD. Symphonic black metal like old Dimmu borgir
SEMARGL (Ukraine) Attack on god CD. Symphonic black metal like old Emperor.
ARYADEVA (Ukraine) Kshatra CD. Black metal/ Folk
AURIGA (Ger) Chains of despair MCD. Black metal
VINTERRIKET Wege in die vergangenheit CD. Black metal/ Dark ambient
PAGALGUENNA (Ger) Dreams CD. Symphonic/Melodic black metal
SIEGHETNAR (Ger) Todessehnsucht CD. Black metal/ Ambient
Врата Тьмы/ Gates of Darkness ‎(Russia) Войны Северной Земли CD. Viking metal

DR DOOM (Hol) Dr doom MCD. Death grind/ Grindcore
SEA SICK (Ger) Bestie mensch CD. Death grind/ Punk hardcore/ Grindcore
KERUM (Usa) Discography CD. Grindcore with screamo touches

CRIMENES DE GUERRA (Usa) Sangre Rebelde CD. Punk hardcore
DISGRUNTLED NATION (Usa) 1994-2002 CDr. Compilation. Punk hardcore.
STOP TALKING! (Ita) Demo CD. Punk hardcore
THE ANTI DIFRANCOS (Usa) Discography Pro CDr. Punk hardcore.

DEFORGE (Ita) Freedoom release Demo CDr. Technical thrash death, sounds like mid old DEATH, old Cynic...
DYSTHYMIA (Ita) Mind... will... action MCD. Progressive death/ thrash (Members of Coram lethe)
DYSTHYMIA (Ita) Mind... will... action Promo CD. Progressive death/ thrash (Members of Coram lethe)
LUNATIC GODS (Slo) The wilderness CD. Atmospheric, technical death/ Black/ Doom
MAPLE CROSS (Fin) Next chapter CD. Modern thrash, a bit like mid old Testament.
GOLEM (Ita) Death never dies MCD. Death metal with a an old melodic/ technical touch

THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS - Retrospektiw IV CD. Experimental/ Jazz/ Grindcore/ Noise
GRAVE IN THE SKY (Israel) Cutlery hits China: English for the hearing impaired CD. Doom sludge/ Industrial
DAÏTRO (Fra) Laisser vivre les squelettes CD. Hardcore/ Screamo/ Emo

https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... low-prices

It's possible to send CDs without cases to reduce postage,
in this case I could send 2 CDs for 2,80 euros (Europe/ World) + paypal.
Send me an email because this option is not on the webshop.

C'est possible d'envoyer les CDs sans boites pour réduire le port.
Dans ce cas, je pourrais envoyer 2 CDs pour 1,94 euros (France) + paypal.
Mais m'envoyer un email, cette option n'est pas sur le webshop.

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

ABIGAIL (Jap) The final damnation Tape. Old school black/ thrash with heavy metal touches.

AMELUS (Australia) Amelus Demo tape. Death metal, fast and raw.

BEASTIALITY (Swe) Ancient bell chimes Demo tape. Black thrash. Peruvian import (Members of Morbid insulter, Putrid...)

KILLING (Denmark) Raise your anger Demo tape. Thrash metal with powerful sound, reminds of mid old Exodus,mid old Slayer, early Grip inc.

MALICIOUS (Fin) Black Fumes Demo tape. Old school death. Peruvian import

NEXWOMB (Usa) Exegesis of nihility Tape. Obscure death black with quite cavernous vocals

WULFAZ (Denmark) Eriks kumbl Demo tape. Black metal influenced by the old 90's style

SARGATANAS (Mex) The enlightment CD. Old school black/ death metal

KABBAL (Fra) Synthetically revived CD. Death metal/ Old school brutal death, influenced by old Morbid Angel, early suffocation...

DEVIANT (Swe) Larvaeon CD. Death metal/ Brutal death

SANATORIUM (Slovakia) Celebration of exhumation CD. Brutal death/ Death metal

CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM (Ita) Serial grinder CD. Death metal/ Brutal death


Author:  gabalgabow [ Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

DEATHFUCKER (Ita) Devil's fist Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Old death metal

DEPRIVE (Spa) Deprive Tape. Contains two demo. Death metal/ Obscure death

EVIL MADNESS (Chile) Hidden behind the cross Demo tape. Old school thrash. (Members of Dekapited, Invincible force...)

EXCRUCIATION (Swi) [C]rust Tape. Death doom, slower metal, with a touch of mid old Paradise lost (Shades/ Icon)

EXTINKT (Pol) Postnuclear trip to nowhere Tape. Thrash metal with quite good sound, and some death metal influences.

GUERRA TOTAL (Col)/ VULCAN TYRANT (Hol) Split MCD. Old school speed black/ for both.

ILDSTORM (Denmark) Midnight rehearsals Demo rape. Fast black metal the old way.

HINTERKAIFECK (Australia) Live promo tape. Raw underground black metal

MASSIVE ASSAULT (Hol) Conflict MCD. Swedish styled death metal

1917 (Argentina) Testimonial CD. Old school death with big sound, influenced by old european and old american death and black.

RAVENCULT (Gre) Despite the blindfold Demo CDr. Black metal (Member of Burial hordes)

SHE SAID DESTROY (Nor) Demo 2003 CDr. Technical death/ black with a death grind touch. (Members of Extol)

MUCOPUS (Usa) Undimensional CD. Brutal death (Members of Wasteform, Internal bleeding, Origin...)



More free/ bonus and cheaper CDs have been added to the webshop.
Check out the LOW PRICES category! It’s already big and full of stuffs!
https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... low-prices

I also created a “Cheaper postage” category, were all the CDs are lightweight (Digisleeve, Cardboard, simple CDr)
and I can send two of these for the postage of one regular plastic case CD!
Postage is 2,80 Euros (Europe/ World) or 1,94 euros (France) for two CDs!
Check it:
https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... er-postage

NIHILISTIC Distro, fighting against the increase of postage costs!


Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR (Swe) Det djävlanästet CD. Old school black/ thrash

EVANGELION (Swi) Sacro macello MCD. Digipack. Black metal

GUTTERSKULL (Croatia) Crawling in disgust Demo Tape. Black metal/ Crust

HOSTILE FAITH (Chile) Mortal signs... To death Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Death metal

KARAKONDZULA (Serbia) Beer metal Demo tape. Blackened thrash metal

MENESTREL (Fra) Lointaine idylle Tape. Dungeon synth/ Ambient

NADIMAC (Serbia) Besnilo Tape. Old school thrash

RAGEHAMMER (Pol) War hawks MCD. Black thrash

SCHWERMUT (Ger) Schwermut MCD. Digipack. Black metal, quite melancholic and grim.



ERIS (Serbia)/ CHIKARA (Bosnia)/ DISHATE (Serbia) Split CDr. Raw black metal/ Raw punk hardcore/ Death grind

ZARAGH BAAL THARAGH (Fra)/ ERIS (Serbia)/ GROB (Croatia) Split CDr. Lofi underground black metal/ Raw underground black metal/ Black thrash

ZIMOROG (Croatia) Hate kills, use it well Demo tape. Black metal.

MALÄD (Ukraine) Demo 2014. Tape. Raw grindcore with sludge parts

NEKROHOLOCAUST (Philippines) Prelude to extermination Tape. Underground brutal death

https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/We ... low-prices

Author:  gabalgabow [ Fri Mar 06, 2020 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

BONE AWL (Usa) The longuest road Demo tape. Black metal with old school roots

EREKTION (Fra) Restless copulation Tape. Obscure brutal death/ Satanic death

EXCORIATE (Chile) In the darkest anguish Demo tape. Old school death/ Death doom

HELL KONFESSOR (Bra) Hell konfessor Demo tape. Fast black metal in the 90's style.

MORBID TENDENCY (Israel) Bleeding demos. Tape. Death metal (Members of Sonne adam, Abosranie Bogom...)

AGONIJA (Lithuania) Neapykantos ratu CD. Old school death in the 90's style, with influences of Morgoth (Cursed)

BLOOD POLLUTION (Russia) Cave aliens CD. Old school thrash/ Speed/ Hard rock'n roll

EXTINCTION REMAINS (Bra) Smog CD. Obscure and old school death/ doom.

INVOCATION SPELLS (Chile) Unholy blasphemies CD. Black thrash (Members of Dekaptied, Unjustice)

TERATOGENY (Mex) Mundo famélico CD. Digipack. Grindcore/ Death grind/ Fast punk hardcore. (Member of Genocide)

TORN APART (Russia) Possessed by death CD. Old school necro death metal



Author:  gabalgabow [ Fri Mar 20, 2020 9:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro / Old school death tapes and more

Last distro news:

BLACKRAT (Can) Demo MMXVII Tape. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

HADEZ (Peru) Doomsday: The death rides Tape. Old school death

HATECRIME (Russia) Music about death CD. Black/ Death

OCCISOR (Chile) Demo 2012 + Rehearsal 2014 Tape. Old school thrash/ Blackened thrash

SILURE (Fra) Route de troche Demo CD. Cardboard sleeve. Darkened death/ Black death

THRONEUM (Pol)/ PAZUZU (Costa rica) "In the crypt of the hakeldamach feld" Split tape. Death black/ Old school death

TIRAN (Russia) No gods, no masters MCD. Cardboard sleeve. Old school thrash

TUNJUM (Peru) Deidades del inframundo CD. Old school/ Obscure death

ALIOTH (Usa) Channeling unclean spirits Demo tape. Death metal (Member of Nachtmystium, Superchrist)


-Webzine: https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr
-Bandcamp: https://nihilisticholocaustrecs.bandcamp.com
-Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFXFj ... 83VWiuoVSQ

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