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 TOOL Fear Inoculum (official thread) 
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Post Re: TOOL Fear Inoculum (official thread)
So I was led towards this album with Tool talking about how carefully and lengthily crafted/complex it was. Well, um OK, but the landscape of complicated heavy music has changed JUST A SMIDGEN since the time Tool last put something out and Robert friggin Plant was on top of the world. Why that matters - what have you actually been doing, Tool?? Huh? I don't mean lawsuits, hiatuses, side projects... I mean in the room. I appreciate subtlety, and can hear a lot of nice touches, but it's more in the recorded layering and not in the composition, save for e.g.the individual drum ideas.

So... I don't quite know what to say here - it's really not got anything like the musical depth to it that they hinted (to wit; a depth that takes a supposedly monumental effort to weave), especially in an age where e.g.odd time sigs don't even sound odd anymore, and Danny Carey is nowhere near the top of the list of "out there" drummists. In fact I thought it was remarkably stark in some respects. Didn't find I was quite moved by the lyrics and singing as I have been in the past. Felt a bit forced at points.

I don't dislike it at all though! Weird. It's not that it's bad, but it IS a bit boring, which IS bad. Base line - nice to have a new, um, Danny Carey record. More great patterns and co-ordination feats. The recorded sound is world beating as well. Jesus those guitars are recorded and mixed nicely, it's so deliciously transparent.

It was a monumental music event this year; because some of their prior records are so fucking good. And I can't crucify them on that cross. Face value - for me it remains to be seen whether the album takes some time to unpack, or whether they are basically Rush now and are always just gonna sound like this. Very Tool-y, in a washy kind of way. Almost as if they'd forgotten who they are, and approached this asking what Tool would do right now. They're now in the unfortunate position of having to get on with something else because it aint quite special enough in terms of musical ideas, it's rather more like a post-hibernation shit. Somewhat satisfying in that the time has finally arrived, but problems with the turd breaching smoothly. It is not astonishing to me, as e.g.Lateralus was. I feel bad for em, seems they can't win for winning.

3/5 feels cruel and disappointing and fair all at once. But this is fuckin overwrought and the first third up to half of the album is veeeery one-note. I saw the packaging last week and I still wouldn't, but it was stunning, admittedly.

Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:05 am
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Post Re: TOOL Fear Inoculum (official thread)
Was Danny Carey ever really considered to be an 'out there' drummer though? Just a really good and creative one.

Okay, so I've been kind of revisiting this album track by track over the last week now that it has been out for a year. A year already! Where has time gone!?!!?! Corona has made every day seem like groundhog day.

Anyway, my feelings are still basically the same. It's well produced but lacks 'ooomph' in crucial moments. The songs are good, but some of them could have been more direct and/or shorter. There are many good ideas, but as Edited suggested above, they are largely cosmetic and the result of production trickery.

My overall impression is that after constantly scrapping and reworking the album, they just wanted to put something out there, for better or worse, and this album represents the best what they finally settled on/for.


Sat Sep 19, 2020 9:40 am

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Post Re: TOOL Fear Inoculum (official thread)
Yeah I have hardly listened to it, bit of a shame but probably more to do with me than them, I seem to have something of a deafness to it and can't put it much better as to why than I did above. But it seems to have been generally well received and digested nicely so I'm sure it's no skin off their back. My relationship with them peaked 20 years ago, let's be fair.

Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:28 pm
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